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Harrison is a dedicated fitness professional whose journey began in the small town of Ojai, CA. Inspired by his newfound enthusiasm for nutrition during his time in San Francisco, Harrison set down a path to deepen his understanding of holistic health. Relocating to Denver, he pursued a Master's in Holistic Nutrition at the Nutritional Therapy Institute in Arvada. This educational journey fueled his passion for the vital relationship between nutrition and movement, leading him to acquire multiple NASM certifications, including Personal Training, Sports Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, and Crossfit Level 1. Harrison also recently attained his Functional Patterns Certification and is pursuing his Functional Strength Coach Certification, rounding out his comprehensive expertise in fitness and wellness.

Harrison's training philosophy revolves around viewing the body holistically, recognizing that nutrition and movement are interconnected elements essential for achieving optimal well-being. Guiding clients with this encompassing approach, he empowers them to transform their lives, embracing a balanced and wholesome lifestyle. Beyond the gym, Harrison finds joy in trail running, snowboarding, camping, soccer, and the thrill of surf trips whenever the opportunity arises.

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