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Jonathan Kuiter is a Dutch Born Professional Baseball Player turned Health and Fitness Expert. At 25 years old Jonathan moved to San Francisco to work at a law firm and quickly realized his love for movement could also be a way to pursue his passion while making a living. He secured a career at the acclaimed equinox club in San Francisco and became one of the top equinox trainers in the USA averaging 180+ sessions a month. Moving to Denver for a better lifestyle Jonathan joined the training team at Pura Vida where he quickly built up his client base to share the title of highest producing trainer. Success in the training field as well as his expertise from his MBA degree led him to become the Personal training manager of a team of 14 trainers that brought in over 150K in revenue per month. Currently, Jonathan owns & operates The Studio, the premier personal training space in Cherry Creek together with an amazing team. He is always studying and reading up on current fitness trends while creating and delivering results driven training programs for his clients. When Jonathan is not in the gym you can find him on the softball field, in the mountains hiking, skiing or with friends and loved ones.

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