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As a fervent sports enthusiast, my odyssey has transported me from the lively courts to the heart of the fitness industry, traversing continents from my homeland to the US four years ago. Engaging in basketball and volleyball matches, and as an active bikini bodybuilder competitor, I've enthusiastically embraced the diverse reals of athleticism.

Amidst the vibrant pulse of the fitness industry, I find myself conquering dirt trails on my enduro bike during summer and seeking the exhilaration of snowy slopes during winter as a passionate snowboarder. Whether delving into strength training, resistance, or corrective exercises, these aren't just skills but vital components of my dedication to a dynamic and active lifestyle


Certified as a NASM Personal Training and Corrective Exercise Specialist, my commitment to fitness is backed by solid knowledge. With a degree in foreign languages and literatures, I bring a trilingual dimension to training, facilitating effective communication and personalization for clients from diverse backgrounds. Ready to inspire and empower others on their fitness journey.

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